These screens prove that Okami will always be pretty

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Okami will always be one of the most aesthetically pleasing games I have ever played in my life. Simply put, the game was absolutely gorgeous when it first launched on the PlayStation 2. Now that it's getting the HD treatment on the PlayStation Network, it's still totally beautiful.

Due out on October 30, Okami HD will allow fans of the game to revisit the land of ancient Japan, and it'll also let newcomers experience what is easily one of the most visually stunning games of our time. Oh yeah, and the music is pretty damn amazing, too.

Check out some screens from Okami HD. They come courtesy of Capcom, which released them for the Tokyo Game Show. Seriously, if you haven't played Okami yet, watch out for this HD release on the PlayStation Network next month. It's one of those games you owe it to yourself to play.

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