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These Rayman Legends screens make us want more Rayman, like, now!

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Rayman Origins was too freakin' adorable. It just had this awesome, unadulterated charm to it. And if Ubisoft has anything to do with it, Rayman Legends will be too freakin' adorable, as well.

Legends had a strong showing at E3 this year, and while all we got to see was the Wii U version, the game will probably land on pretty much every available console much like Origins did. That's not a bad thing, though. Ubisoft makes a great Rayman game, and Legends looks like another wonderful 2D platformer worthy of being played by gamers of any platform preference.

To get a close glimpse at just how beautiful the world of Legends will be, check out this brand new screenshot gallery, courtesy of Ubisoft. Look at all those pretty colors! Ubisoft seems to be delivering more varied backgrounds and small yet noticeable details in the game's levels, and thanks to the magic of cool new camera angles and visual tricks, it's obvious Legends will attempt to be even more stunning than its predecessor.

Launch already, will you, you fine platformer? Oh, and for the record, the Wii U exclusive stuff looks pretty neat. I mean, five players at once? Nothing wrong with that!

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