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These new Metroid figures look amazing


It's rather curious how quickly Nintendo's Samus Aran has turned into a sex symbol, the beautiful bounty hunter reminding us that even the girls of gaming can kick some ass. That's why we're extremely impressed by this new Metroid figure from the Good Smile Company, showcasing that unique blend of badass and babe that we've come to expect from Nintendo's femme fatale.

As much as we love this faithful rendition of Samus sans armor, the lack of articulation has us wondering whether the traditional armored Samus is a better buy, capable of replicating some of our favorite action poses from the game:

Oh who am I kidding? Knowing that presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes the equivilent of my yearly salary in about twelve hours has caused me to re-evaluate the importance of currency. So while the economic gap between the haves and have-nots grows ever wider, I'll be protesting the absurdity by spending all of my money on toys! Huzzah!

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