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These Double Dragon Neon screenshots are so '80s

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If you have yet to check out GameZone's preview of Double Dragon Neon written by yours truly, you really should. This is especially true if you consider yourself a fan of the awesome beat 'em up franchise. If you've never played a Double Dragon game in you life, though, I would still suggest checking my preview out. So be nice and go do that, then report back here.


You done? Excellent! So what do you think? Yeah, I know, I'm totally stoked to play Double Dragon Neon, too! The game just bleeds retro brawling style, but it looks to offer plenty of intricate little nuances to make the series feel fresh.

Publisher Majesco has released a batch of piping hot screenshots for Double Dragon Neon. They're really tasty-looking, and they show off the game's rich and colorful aesthetic. The game is so Double Dragon, it's not even funny, dude!

Check out the screens and get ready for some Double Dragon Neon on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this summer.

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