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These Destiny beta stats came from the moon


Just kidding, these stats about Destiny's beta are from Bungie themselves. Last week, the developer took the company blog to share some impressive details about Destiny's beta which ran from July 17 through July 27 with a day of maintenance in between.

During that period, players created 6.5 million Guardians which, thanks to a snazzy infographic, I know is enough to populate the city of Seattle ten times over.  Perhaps more impressive, 853,235 players played Destiny simultaneously on Saturday, July 26. That would be enough to fill every seat of the world's seven largest capacity sports stadiums with 50,000 fans still waiting outside.

So what exactly did you do while playing? Well, for starters, Bungie revealed that on average you spent more than 20 percent of your time in the Tower. When you weren't doing that, you were playing through the story which saw 851,264 players visit the moon. In total, players racked up 3,704,508,840 kills and suffered 164,413,177 deaths. 

On the PvP side of things, there were 350,001,062 kills in the Crucible which the infographic breaks down further into what weapons were used for those kills.

Destiny Infographic

"This test was huge for us. In the final hours of our grand experiment, we put you to the real test. We knocked you down, but you got up again. We shrank the pool of available servers. We kicked you into orbit, applied patches to your ships, and watched as you descended to fight and dance and rage. Again. There was no stopping you. In the end, we had to kick the plug out of the wall," Bungie said.

"We’re running out of ways to thank you for what the Beta has meant to us. We hope you had fun. Destiny will be a better game because you played it. Perhaps that’s the best gesture we can manage – to deliver a game that’s better than it was before your contribution.

"Time will tell. Not much time, either. Today is the first day of August. Start the countdown on your last month of waiting. Next month, we’ll all start playing Destiny for real. You might even think you’re ready," Bungie concluded. "You're not. (wink)"

Destiny is due out on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 9, 2014.

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