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These BioShock 1 and BioShock 2 discounts are no joke


If you’ve spent the last week knee deep in mind blowing BioShock Infinite goodness, you may just be a BioShock fan. This means, you either are going to want to play the first two games for nostalgia’s sake or play them for the very first time. I know a handful of folk that have beaten Infinite recently and have decided it’s finally time to delve underwater and explore Rapture for the first time. What can I do but encourage them?

Not long ago, Microsoft offered a sale which discounted the original BioShock to a mere $4.99. In case you missed that sale, Gamefly is offering something even more enticing -- BioShock 1 and BioShock 2 on PC for just $4.99. That's right, both games for $4.99. Normally, the bundle retails for $39.98 so I'd say this is a pretty good offer.

The deal is valid through Thursday, April 4th. If you do decide to purchase it, make sure you use the coupon code "GFDAPR20." 

For anyone who hasn't yet played BioShock Infinite -- heck, even if you've played the latest game -- I'd still recommend going back and playing the originals. Even for a game that's six years old, the original BioShock remains a great play. And BioShock 2 is equally as entertaining.


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