These are the first 100 cars of Forza Horizon 2

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Microsoft today revealed three digits worth of horse-power which will hit roads in Forza Horizon 2 this September.

The studio boasts that all of hand-crafted Horizon 2’s cars feature details made possible only by the power of new-gen consoles, not the least of which are working wipers and headlights. This first batch of vehicles features everything from Audi and Aston Martin to Nissan and Volkswagen, with a few standouts like the Lamborghini Huracán leading the pack.

As previously reported, Forza Horizon 2’s development will be split between two studios. Playground Games, the makers of the original Horizon, will handle the Xbox One version of the game, while Sumo Digital will tend to Xbox 360. The game currently holds a September 30 release date, but it has yet known if both versions will release simultaneously.


Austin Wood
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