There's now an MMO version of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird Screenshot - FlapMMO

Think Fall Out Boy's spin-off of Flappy Bird was ridiculous? Well how about an massive multiplayer online version of the highly addictive, excrutiatingly frustrating game? Can it be done, you ask?! Why, yes, and it has been.

It's called FlapMMO and it's the same ridiculous gameplay as Flappy Bird (though I'd argue it's even clunkier). What makes it so great is that you can see thousands of other players attempting to navigate the pipes at the same time as you. It's hilarious watching other players' approach to the game and watching hundreds fall to their doom. 

Flappy Bird was first released back in May of last year, but only recently gained popularity. However, due to its "addictive" nature, the game's creator, Dong Nguyen, decided to pull the game from the iTunes App store and Google Play. A number of clones and spin-offs have since been created to ride the popularity bandwagon, FlapMMO being the latest.

When will it end!?

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