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There's glass everywhere! Indie game Stained out now


Indie studio RealAxis Software has announced the launch of Stained, its side-scrolling puzzle platforming project. The game, which I previewed a couple of months ago, is currently available on Impulse, and it will be released on Desura in the near future.

Stained features a heavy emphasis on stained glass and combat. Solving puzzles and progressing through a haunted castle requires you to manipulate stained glass windows in your surroundings, turning them into platforms, and even battling them after they've transformed into monsters.

RealAxis currently has a demo up on its sight, so check it out and see if you dig the game. Additionally, be sure to watch out for GameZone's review of Stained. If you like it, you can also give the game an up vote on Steam Greenlight.

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