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There Came an Echo coming to PS4


Back in February, indie developer Iridium revealed There Came an Echo for Xbox One (as well as PC). The voice-controlled squad-based real-time strategy game, starring Wil Wheaton, has been designed from-the-ground-up for use with a vocal recognition system, making it and the Xbox Kinect a perfect match.

But after doing some extensive "market research," Iridium also discovered that "people who own PS4s like games." And after crunching the numbers, the developer has also decided to bring its game to PlayStation 4.

Over on the PS Blog, Iridium lead designer Jason Wishnov wrote: "A lot of you might feel a little antsy about voice recognition. And we understand! But we’d encourage you to turn on your Playstation 4 and give the basic OS voice commands a shot. (It was, in fact, this very process that initially convinced us to reach out to Sony!) But There Came an Echo goes a little farther with something we call “command aliasing”. Don’t like the default commands, like “fire” or “shields up”? You can enter in your own custom word or phrase for every existing unit and command in the game. Want to talk to your units using nothing but quotes from Zoolander? Done. And, for those who still aren’t sold (or just have a sleeping roommate), you can fully control the game with your standard DualShock 4, no problem."

Unfortunately, the PS4 release date is still to be determined, but Iridium assures they are "working closely with Sony to finish our game and get it up onto the PlayStation Store as soon as possible." The PC version is coming in June with the Xbox One version expected "shortly" after.

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