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The Xbox 360 Spring Update Isn't Very Exciting


Twice per year, Microsoft revamps their Xbox 360 dashboard with a substantial update. In the past we've seen updates that completely changed the look of the dashboard. This spring's edition, however, is considerably less exciting.

Set to roll out in six installments from May 19 through May 30, the multi-part update is short on front-facing features. The major addition is support for the new DVD format, letting developers use more space on a DVD than they could previously. Users will also be able to make purchases using their PayPal account instead of a credit card.

Beyond that, it seems the rest of the update is a mystery. Still, Hulu Plus was recently released, and Avatar Kinect is set to arrive on May 27. Perhaps the plan is to make more regular and small updates from here on out.

I just wish the update had some more usability features. I feel like I've been waiting for more notification options forever now. Do you have a dashboard update you wish Microsoft would implement? If so, post it in the comments below.

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