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The Witness' Graphics Aren't Final


Despite Braid creator Jonathan Blow's frankness about the development of The Witness, the game remains shrouded in mystery. One of the more interesting tidbits revealed in a recent blog post is that the game will look different than it has in screenshots so far: “Now that the gameplay is further along, we are starting to think more seriously about how the game is going to look."

What follows is a simple color study, with the idea of giving each of the game's various areas a different personality. But the graphics being in an early stage is intriguing. Unlike Braid, which was lush, beautiful, and detailed, The Witness had a plain art style. The limitations of a small developer tackling 3D graphics were in full effect.

The assurance that we can expect more from the final product is exciting, and the idea of a mysterious island full of puzzles and ambiance recalls memories of Myst Myst. The only problem was the game looked a bit too much like Myst to be a modern release.

The blog entry concludes, “We don’t know yet exactly what the rendering style of the game will be in the end (but that is something we will start working on soon!).”

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