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The Witcher for $5 Next Week, Atari Sale, and Free Game


Good Old Games has featured a lot of news the last few days, the benefit for you being a nice, big list of classic games on sale. There's even a free one in the mix.

To celebrate their spring update, which adds an improved downloader and private messaging, GoG is offering a game completely free. You can now purchase Microprose's 1994 adventure Dragonsphere for the low price of--nothing. Everyone talks about the Lucasarts and Sierra adventure games, but a few developers did slip in some solid titles, and apparently this is one of them.

GoG is also hosting their usual weekend promo, offering 50 percent off for a pack of Atari strategy games or 30 percent off if you buy them individually. The games are Master of Magic, the Master of Orion trilogy, and two Total Annihilation games. You can check out the sale at and bask in a strategy game haze all weekend.

The last bit of news coming out of the site is the upcoming release of The Witcher. The game is probably one of the most modern releases to hit the service, at least until they showcase The Witcher 2. The game will be available on GoG May 10 for $4.99. That's pretty awesome.

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