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The Team behind Tales of Pirates: Event Group

August 11, 2009

IGG has prepared a series of articles to help players learn what goes on behind the scenes within the various Tales of Pirates ( Team divisions, including our renowned Customer Service department, the Event Group, the Marketing Group and all the other folks who work hard to bring Tales of Pirates to life. After profiling the Project Team last time out, today we will take a look into the inner workings of the Event Group, exclusively for GameZone gamers.

Tales of Pirates Exclusive No. 3

The Team behind Tales of Pirates: Event Group

What is the Event Group? As the name suggests, the Event Group is one of the most active parts in the team. They are responsible for designing and carrying out the in-game and out-of-game events. Like a chef, the Event Group must mix ingredients to create an enjoyable dish that will satisfy the appetites of many players. Each event in the game follows a basic recipe, but a chef’s true talents lie in their ability to innovate and tailor their creations to suit their customer’s tastes. There are four basic steps to cooking up fun new events:

It may sound boring, but without the proper research into what their customers like and want, even the most mouth-watering ingredients can turn into a flop. Doing the research is an indispensible part of the preparation phase. Event clerks typically look at old events to gauge what has worked and what may have been lacking. They often come up with new ideas and may send questionnaires out to players for feedback. Once they have a good feel for what players might enjoy, it’s time to put the pieces together.

Keep the Event on Target
Whether it’s budgeting for ingredients, staff, or time, the proper balance is crucial to ending up with a successful dish. Like the master chef, event designers need to coordinate the efforts of all the event clerks, budget event funds and select appropriate rewards. Keeping the event on target will make sure it has the proper focus, resources, and payoff to play out in just the right way when the time comes.

Communication and Teamwork
It’s not enough for every chef in the kitchen to do their piece of the meal well. Good communication and teamwork will ensure that all elements blend to create the perfect dish. Event clerks must coordinate efforts with their colleagues in both the Event Group and the larger ToP Team. Making sure customer service, page designers, programmers, and everyone else necessary to rolling out the event are all working toward the same goal takes a commitment to teamwork and good communication.

The event also must be tested before launch, with the whole ToP Team giving feedback. Taking everything into account, members of the event staff make modifications and troubleshoot potential problems so the event goes off without a hitch.

Enjoy the Fruits of Their Labors
The chef’s greatest pleasure comes when their customer enjoys the meal. The same is true for all the team members in the Event Group. Though they may never be directly thanked by players or even have their efforts recognized outside the group, seeing their creation hit the live servers where people can get together and have fun is reward enough. When they look back on a successful event as they are busy preparing for the next one, they can take pride in a job well done.

Stay tuned to GameZone for more ToP Team insights, but in the meantime takes a few moments to stop by and learn more about Tales of Pirates.

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