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The Team behind Tales of Pirates: Customer Service

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Team behind Tales of Pirates: Customer Service

"Being a customer service operator is not a job for the faint of heart"

IGG has prepared a series of articles to help our players get more familiar with the whole TOP Team, including our renowned Customer Service, Event Group, Marketing Group and much more. It’ll be a fun, interesting trip, starting with the most important part of our team, the Customer Service Center. IGG has broken down the job done by these individuals into the kind of rating you would see as a player in a role-playing game, such as HP (Hit Points), MP (Mana), ATK (Attack rating), et cetera.


What Is Customer service?

Customer service is an organization's ability to give their customers' what they want and need. Our customer service staff is one of the most extensive and highly respected in the gaming industry. They are available 24/7 to help players with problems, hear their concerns and resolve any issues that come up in game.

Brief Introduction

The TOP Customer Service Team has more than 20 operators, including Game Masters, Telephone service operators, Live Support, VIP operators, and their Training group. They provide service to a diverse and truly international player base, ranging from 10 year olds in the USA to 65 year olds in Eastern Europe. With such a diverse base, they are regularly contacted about issues that range from client download problems, manual update information, and Web site issues to in game problems and bugs, item and data loss, and account problems of all kinds. Our operators have been trained to deal with all of these problems and confront them with a positive attitude, extensive game knowledge and empathy for our players.

Our customer service is so helpful, and so knowledgeable that players sometimes think of them like a hero coming to the rescue…just when things were darkest and the problems seemed unmanageable. In this spirit we are going to detail what kind of stats our Customer Service team would have if they were a character in game.

The Stats

HP: 100

Being a customer service operator is not a job for the faint of heart. It means that you must deal with many different people and a myriad of different personalities on a daily basis. The majority of these people are confused, worried, frustrated and generally not in the best mood. They are dealing with something that shouldn’t have happened, and they don’t know where else to turn to for help. This is where our service comes to the rescue. With shifts running around the clock, we can deal with player problems at any time, day or night, anywhere in the world.

MP: 100

Good customer service is a mix of skill and magic. Calming irate players enough to get crucial details can be difficult, and involve patience and determination. Some of our CSO’s even become well known among players for their skill in dealing with problems. They may even grow a small fan base, with players coming directly to them when they need help, and refusing help from other operators.

ATK: 0

Our CSO’s have no attack power because they are some of the most patient people you will ever meet. They will always calmly assist players with their problems, directing them to take certain steps, or giving them advice, with a caring voice and their vast knowledge. Even players upset about data loss or hacked accounts will find it hard to stay angry at our operators.

DEF: 100

Our operators have one of the toughest jobs in the business. They are on the front lines, dealing with customer complaints and problems all day, everyday. They rarely get calls from excited players speaking about how wonderful the game is working, so for this reason they must have a strong sense of duty and a desire to help that will never die. They must also have an unflappable temperament in dealing with the occasionally angry customer who is not seeking help, but rather a punching bag. They must also have the patience to work through problems step by step, listening carefully to players and eventually leading them to a resolution.

SP: 80

Like your local fire department or police officer, our CSO’s must be able to respond quickly to problems, armed with knowledge and experience. They must always be ready to jump in and quickly find the key to a problem so that it can be resolved immediately. After all, the last thing a player wants is to have to come back again and again for help on the same problem.

- - - 

With an experienced customer service group backing them up, our TOP team is ready for whatever challenges lie ahead. We know we can count on them to smooth our path into the future and beyond!

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