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The Siege Wars Begin in Runes of Magic

March 10, 2010

The Siege Wars Begin in Runes of Magic

New PvP feature expands Runes of Magic

Frogster announces siege wars, the newest addition to the Runes of Magic world. Siege wars, further expand the world of Taborea, whole guilds can enter the battlefield to take their opponents’ castle. The update on March 11th will launch the beta phase of the new Player vs Player mode.

Right from Chapter I, guilds have been able to have their own strongholds which they have been able to individually furnish and extend with additional buildings. As a part of Chapter III, the newly introduced battles will also include new bonuses and it will also be possible to build siege weapons: from catapults to rams and arrow throwers – the guild wars will deliver a comprehensive arsenal of weapons of war making it possible to hammer your opponent within their own fortress.

With Siege Wars’, Runes of Magic gamers will have a good month to give the battles a thorough testing and to give feedback before the final version is released ‘Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms’. For more information about the siege wars visit the official website:

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