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The Shadowbane Reboot is coming!

March 12, 2008

The Shadowbane Reboot is coming!

The Shadowbane Reboot is officially set to go live on March 25, 2008! Some may recognize that this date holds significant value. For those who do not know, Shadowbane was released 5 years ago on March 25, 2003. 5 Years is a special milestone and with it comes the Shadowbane Reboot where the previous servers will be retired and new servers will be born in their place. The re-launch of Shadowbane brings changes that were impossible before and breathes new life into the game and the community! This new life will take place in the world of Vorringia where the tapestries of Baronies and Fiefdoms have been wiped clean. The time has come for the next generation of warlords to rally an army, carve out an empire, and change the world!

The Ubisoft Montreal team will be performing routine network and server maintenance to coincide with the Shadowbane Reboot. The expected downtime will be from March 20, 2008 until March 25, 2008.

Everyone here on the Shadowbane Team is extremely excited to see the Shadowbane Reboot become a reality. We have been able to make the fundamental changes that have been needed for quite some time and are looking forward to continuing work on the balance of Shadowbane!

In conclusion we would like to thank you, the players, for your continued love and support of Shadowbane – without you none of this would be possible. Special thanks also go out to every player that helped us test the upcoming changes on the Test Server – without you the Reboot process wouldn’t have gone near as smoothly. Finally, acknowledgement is due to Ubisoft for keeping this game active and making the Reboot possible; Ubisoft Montreal and Red Storm for putting in the long hours behind the scenes to host Shadowbane; and the Shadowbane Team that has worked day and night to make this Reboot a success.

A prophecy, shouted by a hermit on the steps of the grand Cathedral of Saint Kellast in the holy city of Dalgoth, seat of the Holy Patriarch of the Church of the All Father. The pronouncement was made on the 71st day of the 3rd year of the Age of Thrones (the 102nd year of the Age of Strife by the old reckoning):

Augurs and portents in every nation cry out grim prophecies, and all lands are filled with rumors of war. Soon, the prophets cry, the day shall come when Warlords old and new unsheathe their swords, and drown Vorringia in a crimson flood. The Age of Thrones draws toward its end – the Age of Doom is coming! Legions shall muster, strongholds shall rise, and stone walls will shatter. Grim kings shall unwind the bloody flag of war, and unleash fire and earthquake on their foes.

The weak shall be conquered! The strong will Crush!

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