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The Sex Appeal of Bayonetta

January 23, 2010

The Sex Appeal of Bayonetta
By Dakota Grabowski

She’ll be the death of you

With long sexy legs that are visible from a mile away, Bayonetta’s seduction often leads to destruction. Sega and Hideki Kamiya created a temptress that will undoubtedly be on the minds of men worldwide for years to come. How exactly did they accomplish this feat? Well, to be exact, it only takes one scene to recognize the sex appeal of Bayonetta.

In the prologue, Bayonetta looked calm and old-fashioned as she prayed over a grave in a nun’s outfit. Never too late to be bursting from the seams, Bayonetta rids herself of the head-to-toe outfit to reveal her voluptuous body that is picturesque and just about every male’s dream women. Cute face, little waist, she has it all.

Bayonetta Screenshot 
Her long legs help with speed and just about everything else

Having devilish looks that could kill upon sight, she battled grotesque angels that are the exact opposite of modern day images of the divine-beings. When in combat, she didn’t only exude confidence, but she strutted and danced her way to triumph.

Performing several splits to show off how flexible she could be, Bayonetta never stopped for one instance to think about how gorgeous she looked while defeating her enemies. It was all natural and, of course, in stride.

Lining up five enemies in a single-file line against a vehicle, Bayonetta proceeded to spank them as if they were “bad” angels. Following her spanking, Bayonetta picked them up for a colossal suplex that even TNA wrestler Kurt Angle would be impressed with.

Bayonetta Screenshot
Her flexibility is nothing short of amazing

This isn’t the only sexual innuendo that occurred – Bayonetta wrapped her legs around an enemy’s face like an anaconda choking out her prey, blew kisses to oncoming opposition as a taunt and swirled around an enemy staff as if it were a stripper pole.

On top of this, later on in the scene, Bayonetta was seen shredding through the enemies while all the while twirling a sucker in her mouth. It’s amazing how easy she makes it look – especially since she does it so artfully and skillfully that it’s bound to make all the boys drool.

Hideki Kamiya and his team were smart to always have the camera panning up to show her robust butt leaning over tables and when she was walking around strutting off her body. In addition, having her moan while she slices off her old outfit and shows off her bare body was clever too – it was a brilliant introduction to the witch that no one wants to meet in a dark alley.

Bayonetta Screenshot
Hey boys, check this out

On the contrary, some may say she resembles former governor Sarah Palin or comedian Tina Fey. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is subjective to each individual – but it can’t be denied that Bayonetta has a unique look that never fails to impress. Whether it’s among the many times she is seen spreading her legs or bending over to shoot between her legs, Bayonetta has a certain level of class that every other female gaming character wishes they had.

After a single session with Bayonetta, hearts will melt and eyes will open with the sultry seductress leading the way. Move over Lara Croft, there’s a new pin-up babe in town.

So to quote Bayonetta after she finished dancing with a mysterious female character, “Would you be so kind as to take it from the top?

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