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The Raskulls Unleashed #1

April 16, 2009

The Raskulls Unleashed #1

“Top Five Reasons Why Everyone Loves Raskulls”

5. Bones are easy to clean and mould-resistant.

4. Every Raskull has such a distinct outfit – kind of like cosplayers. You know it’s weird, yet you can’t look away.

3. The King is a handsome, fearless leader you should be proud to worship. Would King, the 1994 State Bee-keeping Champion, lend his name to a shoddy product?

2. No, he wouldn’t.

1. They tease and please you in ways only a Raskull can.

Each Raskull is somewhat of an attention seeker, so it’s no surprise that they are quick to give interviews demonstrating their Raskully … leanings. King led the way with his Kingingly funny character profile a while back, so now the rest of the gang is getting in on the idea. It’s difficult to fit in with regular fleshy society, so these interviews and profiles are the best way to go. The rest of the gang will be announcing their bone-laden presence in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for all the Raskulls characters grabbing their time in the spotlight!

About Raskulls

Raskulls is an upcoming puzzle platformer for Xbox Live Arcade. It’s an entirely original IP from Australian developer Halfbrick, and features a lengthy single-player adventure campaign along with rich local and online multiplayer modes. With racing, combat and puzzle elements, not to mention the tongue-in-cheek humor found rampant throughout the entire game, it’s a platformer unlike anything seen before. To be released in Q3 2009.

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