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The New Look of Little King's Story for Vita


Two days ago we reported that Konami was bringing a new Little King's Story game to the PlayStation Vita. Though details are currently scarce, it has been confirmed that the game will feature touch controls, weather and time changes, a new story, and revamped visuals. As you can tell from the header image above, the game is now sporting an altered, slightly more realistic look.

At first, I was bit skeptical about the new visual direction. I absolutely loved the charming, cutesy, and somewhat deformed appearances of the characters in the first game, and the colorful environments were completely mesmerizing. I didn't know how I would feel about a more realistic look for the series prior to seeing any images of the new Little King's Story for Vita. Now that I have, though, I must admit, it doesn't look half bad.

Characters are a bit more elongated and less chubby this time around, and creatures (such as the cow pictured above) also look a bit less cartoon-like. That said, I wouldn't say the game looks uber realistic or anything of that nature. There is still an undeniable amount of charm, as is apparent by the revealed screenshots.

In addition to the in-game look, it appears dialogue sequences will feature character pop-ups with a distinct anime appearance. I'm not too sure how I feel about this, as the anime version of King Corobo seen above looks nothing like the in-game character model. Also, while I am digging the new look overall, I still prefer the artistic direction of the original game.

Minor gripes aside, however, I have to say I'm really stoked to see how Little King's Story Vita turns out. We'll learn more about this upcoming game come TGS.

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