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The Munchables - if you can't beat 'em... eat' em!

July 10, 2009

The Munchables - if you can't beat 'em... eat' em!

When alien veggies take over the world - If you can’t beat ‘em… eat ‘em!  NAMCO BANDAI gives consumers a new kind of value meal – The Munchables for Wii is now $19.99 (previously $29.99). Satisfy your readers’/viewers’ hunger for quirky, fun, and addictive entertainment by pointing them to one of the best video game values of the summer.

 Hailed as a yummy epicurean adventure with hilarious characters and dialogue as well as eye popping visuals” by USA Today’s Jinny Gudmundsen and “...fresh, vibrant, fun” by Family Friendly Gaming,  The Munchables is a fun new video game about vegetables (and other mischievous foods) gone bad that gamers cannot wait to consume. 

Don’t just take our word for it, critics and reviewers across the country have been craving The Munchables.

 "Like Pac-Man, The Munchables creates addictive gameplay - it's fun to eat everything in sight." -

 "The Munchables is one those games that you know is silly, and you'll feel guilty for playing it, yet you can't help but love it." - GamePro

 "Feast your way through a colorful world full of wrathful produce." - CNET Reviews

 "Fans of Katamari or just off-kilter action games take note: this game is surprisingly awesome." - GameZone

 "I don't know about you but seeing a freaked-out eggplant running for dear life just cracks me up." - Reno Gazette-Journal

 " appealing visual style, interesting gameplay, and enough quirkiness to ensure that it could resonate with a gamer of any age." - Cheat Code Central

Here are the facts:   NOW AVAILABLE   Platform: Nintendo Wii   ESRB Rating: E   *NEW MSRP: $19.99

Made by NAMCO BANDAI for the Nintendo Wii, The Munchables follows the heroic duo of Munchy and Chomper in a quest to save the world from an evil onion and his band of delicious minions. Along the way, the Munchables must eat the tasty (and often nutritious) bad guys one after another to progress. Crazy characters like Eggplanter and Rice Baller are just a couple of the more than 150 different food enemies who will try to stop you from saving the planet – so hope you’re hungry!

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