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The Maw Hotwires Speeder Lane On April 29

April 21, 2009


Third and Final DLC Level for The Maw Coming Next Week

Twisted Pixel Games announced today that fans of The Maw will get a third and final dose of DLC next Wednesday, April 29th with a new level entitled “Speeder Lane”. The content will launch at 100 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, and at $1.25 on Steam, Greenhouse, and Direct2Drive. Teaching kids the value of stealing cars, Speeder Lane follows Frank and Maw after they nab a vehicle from the Galactic Forces and fly a path of destruction through a soldier compound. The level features a new vehicle, new gameplay mechanics, and climaxes in an old-school boss fight.

Click here to download the new Maw Trailer

This is the third of three DLC levels that Twisted Pixel Games has been working on ever since The Maw development wrapped last year. “With Speeder Lane we went in the opposite direction from our previous DLC. In Brute Force and River Redirect we really wanted to push the puzzle elements, but Speeder Lane is all about tearing around on a speeder bike blowing stuff up,” explains Lead Designer Sean Riley.

Each DLC level expands The Maw storyline by fitting in between the original levels as “deleted scenes”. “As with any production, there are always pieces left on the cutting room floor that you wished could have made it into the final cut,” says CCO and Director Josh Bear. “We had a lot of half-finished story elements and gameplay mechanics, so we picked the best ones, polished them up and made new levels that were bigger in size and scope than the ones in the main game.”

About The Maw

The Maw is a 3D action-adventure game available for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE® Arcade, and for $9.95 on Steam, Greenhouse, and Direct2Drive. It was honored with the 2008 PAX-10 Audience Choice Award and as a 2009 Independent Games Festival Finalist. More information about The Maw can be found at 

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