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The Maw DLC Announcement

January 29, 2009


Twisted Pixel Squanders Use of Time Travel Equipment

In the months since The Maw went into final testing and certification, Twisted Pixel has been working on creating additional levels for the game, incorporating new enemies, full cinematics, and additional gameplay into each one. They have also been busy squandering the capabilities of the time traveling car they jacked a couple weeks ago. Mike Henry, lead programmer on The Maw: "I haven't had a soggy last bite of cereal since we got this puppy." Asked about the possibility of using the technology to prevent world catastrophes or to send the new game data back in time to get incorporated into the original game, Henry pointed obstinately at his bowl. "Crunchy."

Three new "Lost Levels" Offer New Content, Gameplay

Eschewing a vacation after completing The Maw, Lead Artist David Leung has been working on new models, animations, and cinematics for the upcoming levels. "I love the world of The Maw and am really happy to have the opportunity to make these levels that are much larger and pack as much personality and new gameplay types ." Leung divides his time between creating the over 100 new animations required for the levels and his side hobby, sport-hunting dinosaurs.

High Quality, Low Price Point

Each level will be available for 100 Microsoft Points ($1.25 USD). "We want to make these new levels as accessible as possible while still allowing the team to get paid for the time they are taking to make all this new content," said CEO Michael Wilford. Asked why he didn't use the time machine to win the lottery, Wilford pointed out the limited supply of plutonium. "We need to save our trips for important things – like when this pizza was first delivered, it was cold." He held up a steaming slice and winked. "The first time."

The Maw

The Maw is a 3D action-adventure game available on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points ($10 USD). It was honored with the PAX-10 Audience Choice Award and is a finalist for Technical Excellence in the upcoming 2009 Independent Games Festival. More information about The Maw can be found at 

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