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The Lore of Spellborn revealed

July 14, 2008

The Lore of Spellborn revealed

First part of new feature series about background story launched

The fragmented game world of The Chronicles of Spellborn, split up in plenty of rocks and shards floating through the Deadspell Storm, is the result of a long chain of cataclysmic events and almost forgotten stories. In a new series of features, the Dutch developer Spellborn NV reveals the most important key moments of the multi-layered lore to be explored within the game. From the Great Collapse dating back thousands of years in the past to the present New Century players will enter, the featurette introduces the fascinating background story in brief. Each week, Spellborn will present a new chapter of the timeline from now on, accompanied by concept arts and details on the main events of said period. It’s first part just went online on

After an intensive development and test phase, there’s much more to come in terms of regular news and images of The Chronicles of Spellborn from now on. The official website will be relaunched shortly and details about the attendance at the Games Convention in late August will follow soon. What lies hidden, must be found

With The Chronicles of Spellborn players enter into an impressive online scenario with scenic landscapes, majestic cities and the remnants of an ancient civilization. Alone or with a party of allies, PC adventurers step into a huge fantasy realm consisting of varied shard worlds floating in the magic Deadspell Storm. Those who want to prevail in the grippingly staged combats of The Chronicles of Spellborn need to apply their mighty arsenal of spells, melee and ranged attacks skillfully. Battles with bloodthirsty creatures, hostile peoples and human opponents in PvP battles are waiting. An innovative and tactically challenging combat system with shooter-like controls and rotating skill deck provides a fresh breath of air for the dusty MMORPG genre. Thanks to the largely extended Unreal Engine 2.5 The Chronicles of Spellborn boasts stunning 3D graphics, spectacular effects and countless elaborate details.

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