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The Legend and Lore of Aion: The Tower of Eternity - Chapter 8

February 27, 2009

The Legend and Lore of Aion: The Tower of Eternity - Chapter 8

The back story involving the principle races of NCsoft’s upcoming MMO continues to evolve in the developers' journals

The land of Atreia is a beautiful and mysterious place, peopled by disparate races with unique perspectives of the shattered lands they call home.

The peoples of this land have no love for the other, a fact that colors their individual histories and the lore about the origins of the world. Harken now as the two races, the Asmodians and the Elyos, tell – as each perceives it – of the origin of the world and peoples of Aion: The Tower of Eternity, the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game from NCsoft.

The first five chapters of the lore were published in mid-January. Chapter 6 was published at the end of January, Chapter 7 arrived in mid-February and this is Chapter 8 in the lore of the land

Aion: The Tower of Eternity PC screenshots

A New Enemy, an Old Enemy (Asmodian)

We returned to Pandaemonium that day, and straight away set about gathering our forces for a war against these Elyos. The very next day we met in combat again, and full-scale war broke out between our people.

Soon, a further test would present itself as the Balaur, long exiled inside the Abyss, found a way out from their prison. Their thirst for blood was just as insatiable as before, and with their old allies by their side again their power should not be underestimated.

Now, though, we have discovered that which has given our mission a true sense of urgency. With every passing breath, our planet hemorrhages Aether out of our atmosphere. We spent many months searching for the source of this bleed, searching throughout the Abyss, and Asmodae, when it was right in front of us.

It's the two towers. A mighty resonance still exists between them, vibrating invisibly between the two halves of our sundered world. As if in memory of the lost Tower of Eternity, they cry out to each other across the void, and it is this reverberation that has created the Abyss.

Aion: The Tower of Eternity PC screenshots

The Abyss absorbs Aether, draining it away like water pouring into a crevasse. Now the Aether is spread thinner and thinner with each passing day, and will soon start affecting our Daevas, and our planet. Atreia is still only held together by the Aetheric ties Siel and Israphel created when they drained their own ethereal bodies of Aether, a process which effectively ended their own lives. Soon the Abyss will start to weaken these ties, and if they were to break, our atmosphere would collapse, and everyone on this planet would perish.

There remains one viable tactic. The resonance cannot continue if only one stump of the tower survives. Our path is clear: we must destroy the Tower of Light. Only then will we end this bleed and safeguard the lives of the Asmodian people from the arrogant tyranny the Elyos threaten us with.

We will not hesitate this time. There will be no staying of our blades, only a brutal and irresistible wave of destruction that will finally rid our home of the arrogant and naïve fools which still infest our lands.

Our fate is once again in our own hands. This time, we will not fail.

- Kineas, Praefectus Castrorum of the Asmodian Archons

Aion: The Tower of Eternity PC screenshots

A New Enemy, an Old Enemy (Elyos)

We were stunned. Stunned that anyone had managed to survive on that desolate, frozen wasteland above us, stunned at what these Asmodians had been turned into. Quickly we mobilized our legions, and prepared for war.

Aion had a further test for our resolve, though, as a third stable portal opened and brought forth a horror we hoped to never see again - the Balaur. Quickly they consolidated their forces, summoning the Krall and Mau back to their side, as well as forcing other weaker races into submission. Their fury was greater than ever before, and it is us who now bear the brunt of their anger.

Our world, this land in which we live, was given the slightest and most fragile of lifelines by Siel and Israphel. We believed that this lifeline would sustain us, allow us the opportunity to savor and enjoy our victory over the Asmodian fiends that once dared to call us brothers. However, that all changed, when we learned, completely by accident, of something terrifying...

Atreia is dying. Our world bleeds Aether continually through the Grand Abyss, and unless this bleed is controlled, stemmed, then this life source will be exhausted. Our world, only held together by Siel and Israphel's final sacrificial act, will simply fall apart, and the empty halves which once made this great planet will drift through space forever. All that lives here will be extinguished in the blink of an eye, and all that we have achieved, all that we have worked for, will be lost.

Panicked, our priests and our theorists began researching possible solutions. It was only then that we found a solution.

The Abyss is an echo of the great Tower of Eternity that once stood in the midst of our world. It exists only because of the immense arcane forces that still resonate between the two tower stumps... a field of unnatural energy, like that which would arise between the poles of a titanic magnet. Were we to destroy the Asmodian Tower of Darkness, that field would collapse, closing the Abyss forever. Not only would we finally rid this world of their dark and ugly scar, we would save our world from destruction, and deliver our people to the eternal paradise granted to us by Aion!

This is our final test, our final hurdle before we are able to reap our reward. We must destroy the Asmodians and their pathetic world: we must save Atreia.

- Rafaela Semperti.

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