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The Last Story Could be Final Fantasy Creator's Final Game


Hironobu Sakaguchi shaped the RPG genre as we know it. Responsible for key games in the Final Fantasy series, the creative mind left Square in 2001 after the massive box office disappointment of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, Sakaguchi states that his studio, Mistwalker, is using the lessons they learned on Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey to move their next title, The Last Story, away from the traditional and increasingly obsolete turn-based JRPG combat that he helped establish.

"Both of those games used the Final Fantasy formula as a base to build up from," Sakahuci states in the interview. "There were assorted new challenges we tackled with them, but they were all story-oriented ones -- we didn't try to alter the gameplay system much at all. When we had a wrap-up meeting after it was all over, our biggest regret was that we basically used old-gen methods to make next-gen RPGs. That's how this project began."

Sakaguchi has also stated that if The Last Story is a critical failure, he will step away from gaming for a while, suggesting that he would no longer have a solid grasp on what gamers want these days.

After his previous two titles and the decision to put The Last Story on the Wii, I can only say, "So long, Sakaguchi."

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