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The King. The Fact

October 25, 2007

THE KING. THE FACTS. Here's what y'all kin expect from ma new game!

With Big Bubba King and co. on the shelves from tomorrow, Oxygen Games would like to make available the following fact sheet:

  • Wacky and engaging trick-based mini golf, with the emphasis on alternative routes to the holes

  • 1-4 players • Hundreds of special items to collect, each designed to help gain the advantage over opponents

  • Hole in one possible for every hole • Hole in none possible for every hole!

  • 10 x 9-hole courses (1 available at the start, and 9 unlockable), set across 5 environments, each with their own resident course pro • 1 bonus hole per environment, plus Big Bubba’s ‘shrine’

  • Myriad ball and club combinations allow for different play strategies and added longevity

  • Five single player and four multiplayer modes to choose from

  • Various course elements and hazards include the usual wall sliders, gates, risers, bumpers, trapdoors, water traps, etc. Other hazards include accelerators, decelerators and teleport chutes… all designed to alter the dynamics of the shot

  • Distractions and taunts feature during multiplayer modes

  • Multiplayer handicap system

  • 10 characters to choose from; 4 basic characters available at the start, 6 unlockable playable course pros

  • Buy Goofy Gadgets, Wonder Balls and Special Clubs from the Pro Shop

  • Other items available in the Pro Shop include Mulligan Tokens, customisations i.e. Ball (colour/pattern) and Trail Tints (change ball trail colour), plus Racket Packets to personalise the sounds made by the player’s club and balls

  • Collectable virtual course pro action figures give discounts on equipment; buy them all and the AI becomes unlocked, making for more challenging single player games

The PS2 version also features an exclusive single player mode, Gopher Hunt. The object is to eliminate the gophers by driving the ball through them.** Each hole features a number of randomly placed gophers, which the player has to eliminate before they get to the flag.

King of Clubs, for PlayStation®2 and PC , is available from all of the usual retailers from tomorrow.

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