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The First Kinect Controller Is a Ridiculous Plastic Wheel


Games like Kinect Joyride and the upcoming Forza 4 promote a racing experience where players mime the motions of driving. You stick your hands out and turn them while the game handles the gas and brakes. It's completely silly, but as a gimmick, it's also fun.

Those who can't accept such a ridiculous mechanic now have an alternative. CTA is preparing to release a new peripheral, the first controller you can use with Kinect. But it's basically just a piece of plastic. Say hello to the Kinect Steering Wheel!

The Wii received several peripherals that were touted as glorified pieces of plastic, but they usually offered some form of buttons and a slot for a Wii remote. CTA's plastic wheel controller is literally plastic without any tech behind it. This is the future of useless peripherals on the Kinect.

If you need to make pretend driving feel more realistic, there's a valid steering wheel peripheral for the 360 that gets the job done much better. Thanks to 123Kinect for finding this.

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