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The Evil Bunny Marches in Dream of Mirror Online

March 14, 2008

The Evil Bunny Marches in Dream of Mirror Online

Only in a dream world would evil bunnies run rabid, but only in Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) would they try to ruin your Easter. These bunnies are taking over, and it’s up to the players to save the city of Eversun in DOMO, one of the premiere free-to-play titles at Aeria Games.

In DOMO, players enter a world where you can team up with your friends to complete quests, create a wide variety of items using an easy to understand crafting system, and create relationships that can last a lifetime.

In March of the Evil Bunny, players have the chance to win the Easter Title and a never before seen hat for your character.

Now it’s time to put the team together to stop the bunnies from ruining Eversun’s Easter. Join all the players of DOMO now to defeat the evil that lurks Eversun North.

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