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The Dark Spire for Nintendo DS rolls into select retailers across North America

April 16, 2009


Did we mention that each and every launch copy is a premium boxed release with a bonus soundtrack CD included for free?

Atlus U.S.A., Inc., fully equipped and ready to level, today announced that The Dark Spire™ for Nintendo DS™, an RPG of exploration, character development, and extreme nostalgia, is now available at select retailers across North America. With its traditional RPG gameplay, thumping musical score, and distinct visual style--which is further defined by the availability of a "retro" mode, which transforms the game's sights and sounds into those of an 8-bit classic--The Dark Spire is the perfect love letter to the first-person dungeon crawlers of days past, and the perfect introduction to a new generation of gamers as to how the genre got its start.

Moreover, as part of the on-going Atlus Spoils fan appreciation program, each and every launch copy of The Dark Spire is a premium boxed release, including a soundtrack CD featuring 24 tracks of music from the game. Brooding yet lively, the game's score complements the game's foreboding style perfectly. Songs from both the contemporary and retro modes are included on the bonus disc.

Parties will be assembled; stats will be rolled; items, weapons and armor shall be equipped, and monsters will be slain. The powerful Archmage Tyrhung resides in a tower of mist and shadow. He holds in his possession a jewel of great worth and power. A group of adventurers assemble. Will they be able to conquer Tyrhung and his nefarious tower? The party sets out, its fate yet to be determined...

The Dark Spire is now available at select North American retailers!

For track samples from the bonus soundtrack CD:

For more information about The Dark Spire, visit the official website:

About The Dark Spire The Forest of Mist... Wrapped in a perpetual, impenetrable fog... No one knows what lies within... Just beyond the edge of the woods lies an old castle. Numerous battle flags fly proudly above its gate as symbols of its Lord's power. It is here that King Kronus resides and rules his vast domain. During a celebration of the kingdom's most recent conquest, Archmage Tyrhung, a powerful magician and key to the kingdom's recent military success, stole a necklace of immeasurable value from round the Queen's neck and disappeared into the night. Guards rushed after him, only to see him transform into a ferocious creature: a dragon. Tyrhung flew off toward the Forest of Mist, scattering the fog with his powerful wings. And when the beacon atop the Dark Spire lit up, it was clear to all: the beast had chosen his new lair... The Dark Spire, once the domain of an ancient goblin civilization, had found a new master. This is where your story begins...

Key Features Homage to classic RPGs

Take back the age of the great classic RPGs where you build your perfect party from the ground up. Shrewd strategy is required to navigate tough dungeon floors with limited resources, earning experience by taking on 80 different enemies out to end you. Dual dungeon modes

 The traditional RPG experience is fully realized in Classic Mode, which offers a black-and-white wireframe dungeon environment reminiscent of the nostalgic PC RPGs. Switch back to Modern Mode to update to the full 3-D atmosphere of the Dark Spire. A captivating story of mist and shadow

A second person narrative reaches out from the game to speak to you of codpieces and killer rabbits, enveloping the gamer in an unforgettable adventure that offers three possible endings.

The Dark Spire has been rated "E10+" (Everyone 10 and older) with Alcohol Reference, Fantasy Violence, Language, and Suggestive Themes by the ESRB.

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