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The 4th Coming Releases New Interface!


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The 4th Coming Releases New Interface!


Thursday, May 11, 2000

Right on time for E3, Vircom releases a new version of T4C that features a brand new interface. More than just a face lift, it introduces new gameplay features that have long been in high demand among avid T4C gamers. From macros to chatter channels, it's not just the same old game.


With this new interface, T4C v1.10 improves on an already solid communication system. Players can now create their own chat rooms within the game. With group play, adventurers can now travel in groups and share both gold and experience points. Also, a flexible macro system allows mages to put all their spells on shortcut keys and thus optimize the use of their magical arsenal. Better yet, an inventory grid is now a standard feature and visible spell effects allow players to keep track on when their spells or torches are about to run out.


T4C has already provided countless hours of intense fun to tens of thousands of online role-players since its Base Release last year. It is the most provocative and challenging approach to online gaming out there, and its unique perspective and approach are sure to revolutionize the way online contents is delivered all over the world. Servers are running in the following markets: United States, Canada, Brazil, Carribeans, France, Germany, Italy, China, Singapore, Korea and Australia.


To try the new interface, visit our Demo Center website at




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