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The Xbox 360 launched 10 years ago today

Marc Whitten reminisces with some interesting facts

The Xbox 360 launched 10 years ago today

Former Microsoft Exec. Marc Whitten, now at Sonos, took to Twitter today in order to reminisce on some of the interesting facts surrounding the launch of the Xbox 360 which took place 10 years ago today.

November 22nd, 2005 was the day one of the most influential gaming consoles was released in the Xbox 360. I'll personally remember it as the day Gamestop got fewer copies than they expected which resulted in me having to wait until Christmas Eve 2005 to get my Xbox 360. It was only a month later, but still. On the 360's birthday today Marc Whitten put out some interesting facts on Twitter about the console's launch. One of the more interesting ones is that, if you remember, the Xbox 360 launch began wireless controllers. That technology was ready before BT (wireless internet related) was ready and therefore was built on the technology surrounding a cordless phone instead

In fact, he even jokes on how the set up took down Walmart's wireless on launch due to the technology. You can see all of Mr. Whitten's remarks on Xbox 360's 10th birthday on his Twitter feed. They are more reminiscent than anything but it's good to see how far gaming has come in ten years regardless of what console you currently play 

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