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The world premier trailer of No Man's Sky rivals the birth of my children as the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

no man's sky vgx

Tiny London-based studio Hello Games' next-game game is No Man's Sky. It made its world premier during VGX, and the gameplay trailer just blew my mind. Everything you're about to watch in the trailer is rendered in real-time. 

It's a science fiction game, but not in the way you're used to. It's not space marines and post-apocalyptic worlds. It's more of a awesome 50's take on the genre. It's classic sci-fi. It's a game about exploration -- when you stand on a planet and see a mountain and it's three miles away, you can get to it and walk there and explore it. If you see stars in the sky, those are suns. And those suns have planets. And you can visit all of them. 

Mind. Blown.

There's an online component to the game as well. It's always first-person, and there's combat on the planet and in space. It's a very dangerous place. We're all playing in the same universe. That said, no real details were given on how the multiplayer operates. 

By the way... there's four people making this game. 

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