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The Witness screenshots show off the Marsh, gorgeous visuals

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Developer Number None has released brand new screenshots for its upcoming puzzle game, The Witness, showing off the beauty of "the marsh," and stunning visuals.

As explained by developer Orsi Spanyol, "Eric updated the main structures, Alex adjusted the catwalks, Luis took care of all the lowest structures, and I handled the vegetation and general colors."

"Color was a big challenge in getting the area to look nice, since it is a marsh research facility with lots of crazy colored algae pools…there was a high risk of making it look like a clown exploded on it. With some careful color choices, attention to every detail and blocking in the views on a step by step basis, however, I think we managed to avoid that risk and succeeded in creating a pleasant, colorful area."

The Witness is labeled as a PS4 exclusive, though Jonathan Blow has said nothing is preventing the game from being available on PC or iOS at launch. Unfortunately, there's no release date for the intriguing gaming which has 595 puzzles (as of December 19).

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