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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt close to maxing out PS4 and Xbox One power, claims CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3

Next-gen consoles haven't even released yet and CD Projekt Red is claiming that they are close to maxing out the systems' power with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

When asked about such a possibility gameplay producer Marek Ziemak acknowledged, "At this point, we're advanced in testing, running and experimenting with next-gen platforms, and at this point we know the game is pretty demanding.

"Of course, we still have the authorization phase in front of us, but because of size and density, we are already close to maxing out the equipment," he explained. "Of course, if we find more workforce in boxes, we will surely use it to make the game even better. I think others have the same opinion as us, if there's power to be used then why not use it all?"

Elsewhere in the interview with VG247, Ziemak explained, "We're using brand new technology with Red Engine 3. It's an advanced version of the engine we used in The Witcher 2 and has been rebuilt in many different ways.

"For example, with the open-world mechanics and system, we had to implement a streaming mechanism which allows players to smoothly travel across the world. We’ve also totally changed the AI system. There are a lot of technical things going on in the background which enable us to meet our needs and it allows us to create group tactics and many various types of enemy behaviors and things like that," he said.

We've been impressed with what we've seen of the game early on; it looks gorgeous, but have they really maxed out next-gen systems already? Given how long it took for developers to reach the full potential of the Xbox 360 and PS3, I'm a bit skeptical. It's true they may have maxed out the systems' power with their current optimization, but give it a few years when they know the systems even better and I'm sure we'll see even more potential.

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