The Witcher 3 is DRM-free for the best user experience possible

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CD Projekt RED knows what their fans want. They get what makes gamers happy. And that's why The Witcher 3 -- coming out on PC, PS4 and next-gen platforms -- will be DRM-free. The developer spoke about The Witcher 3 with Kotaku at GDC last week, where they spoke about the hotly debated issue.

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The Kotakournalist (definition: noun. a journalist that works for Kotaku) asked Maciej Szczesnik, head of marketing for CD Projekt RED, if they would ever consider doing always-online DRM. After a prompt "No," Szczesnik explained, "We are trying to get rid of DRM. If someone wants to pirate a game, eventually he will."

Managing Director Adam Badowski interjected, "Which is bad, of course, but you can't do anything about it, so. We want to give the best user experience possible. When we removed DRM, people on those torrents were actually asking people not to download our game, because we [weren't using DRM]."

It's so refreshing that a game developer -- and a kickass one at that -- gets that DRM isn't the answer. Even though they still don't want people to pirate their games, they don't want to ruin the game the put out for the people that do buy it. And when a developer does right by their fans, they get rewarded with a ton of support.

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