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The Walking Dead Season Two finale's 'special trailer' debuting tomorrow


The special trailer for The Walking Dead Season Two's finale, "Episode 5: No Going Back," will debut tomorrow, Telltale Games has confirmed. It will premiere tomorrow at 10:00am PT (1:00pm ET) and feature "an exclusive scene just for the trailer." 

Telltale notes that the trailer will not spoil any moments of the finale, but it will spoil previous episodes dating all the way back to season two. I don't know what the exclusive scene will be, but I'm hoping it's some sort of flashback when Clementine was with Lee. Now that would tug on the heart strings.

Telltale has been noticeably quiet when it comes to teasers for Episode 5. Earlier this week they released a single picture showing Clementine walking with Rebecca's baby, and earlier today they uploaded a brief Vine clip of a shadowy figure -- presumably Clementine -- trudging through the snow. Unfortunately, the blanket of snow covered up any detail. It's clear Telltale wants the finale to be a big surprise.

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