The Walking Dead Season Two finale gets its first teaser, 'special trailer' coming soon

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Telltale Games has shared the first teaser for The Walking Dead Season Two's finale, titled "No Going Back." The teaser comes in the form of a single image showing Clementine escaping from a pack of zombies holding a baby.

It's pretty spoiler heavy, so hopefully you've already played the previous four episodes. If not, stop reading now because I'm about to spoil some stuff.

If the image is indicative of what happened when the lights went black at the end of Episode 4, then it appears that Clementine and Rebecca's child are the only two survivors of the brutal shootout. Of course, this could also be Telltale playing games with our minds. The developer also notes that a "special trailer" will be coming soon, so hopefully this means the actual episode isn't too far off. Telltale has a habit of releasing trailers shortly before the release of the actual episode, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

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