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The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode One out today for Xbox 360


Today's Xbox 360 release of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Season Two, means that Episode One, All That Remains, is now available on all three major platforms. 

Yesterday, The Walking Dead Season Two made its debut on PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 3 in North America. Today, it's available on Xbox 360 worldwide. iOS users worldwide, meanwhile, can expect Episode One to release sometime this week.

Taking off where Season One left off, All That Remains continues the story of Clementine who is left to fend for her own in an undead apocalyptic world. Season Two, however, actually puts you in the role of the young girl you once protected as Lee in Season One. Having already played and reviewed the game, I can assure you that playing as a young girl does not mean Telltale holds anything back. From the get-go, Episode One: All That Remains tests you and makes it clear that Telltale isn't afraid to put Clementine through hell.

The Walking Dead Season Two - Episode One: All That Remains is now available for purchase individually for $4.99, or through the Season Pass which offers a 25% saving over purchasing the episodes individually.  Check out GameZone's review of All That Remains.

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