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The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode 4 'Amid The Ruins' news next week, but here's some screenshots to hold you over

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Telltale Games has promised news about Episode 4 of The Walking Dead: Season Two is coming next week (I'm guessing a release date), but in the meantime the developer shared the first screenshots for the upcoming episode, titled "Amid the Ruins."

As you can see, the screenshot focuses on a bloodied Clementine surrounded by a horde of zombies whiel wielding a bloody hammer/axe thingy? Not sure what that tool is, but it looks like she's gonna have to crack some zombie skulls. The second episode features Clementine and her group of survivors clearly surrounded. And lots of guns.

Episode 3 "In Harm's Way" was released back in May and was probably my favorite episode of the new season. It's a shame we've had to wait this long for the next episode, but hopefully with The Wolf Among Us now wrapped up Telltale can push out the remaining Walking Dead episodes quicker. 

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