The Walking Dead Episode 5 officially dated

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TellTale is at it once again, though this time we were a little more prepared for the coming onslaught that is The Walking Dead. Today, the developer confirmed a release date for the fifth and final installment of the episodic, zombies title that’s gained both critical and sales praise.

No Time Left

“No Time Left” is set to release next Tuesday, November 20, on PSN, with the XBLA, PC, iOS, Mac, and European PSN release to follow on the 21. TellTale released a statement thanking the community throughout the series’ releases, while nudging players to be prepared for the dramatic events to come:

“We can’t thank you all enough for your incredible support and we can’t wait for you all to experience the season finale of YOUR Walking Dead story,” Telltale said in a statement. “With one week left until launch worldwide, now is a great time for you and your friends to catch up on the series so you can all experience the season finale and discuss it together.”

Want to see how your decisions from the fourth episode stacked up against the rest of the communities? You can see the official stat video from “Around Every Corner” by clicking here.

Source: [Press Release]

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