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The Walking Dead Episode 4 slated for October


Earlier this week, TellTale confirmed that they were nearing the completion of The Walking Dead Episode 4, and though they’ve still yet to provide a concrete date, the developer has confirmed an October release for the anticipated thriller.

 “Around Every Corner” pits your crew in its most emotional stage yet. With little hope, a shriveling food/water supply, and memories of the lost, Lee will have to lead the rest of the survivors to “safety,” even if that’s a seemingly hopeless dream. Will walkers left and right, will you have to cope will more dead and undead friends? Only time will tell, but we can promise that it’ll have no shortage of epic events.

Along with the October release window, TellTale released a short preview trailer for Episode 4. It’s not much, but it may refresh your mind on the series thus far, something some may not want to do due to their choices throughout the first three episodes. Clicking here can see the teaser trailer.

Source: [YouTube] 

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