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The Walking Dead Episode 3 release date announcement coming 'soon'


Despite the summer’s lack of excellent, physical games, Telltale has continued to feed the hunger of gamers everywhere with their thrilling, episodic zombie title, The Walking Dead. After receiving critical praise for both episodes one and two, Telltale is gearing up to release the third short feature, dubbed “Long Road Ahead.” According to the developer, they have sent the episode in for certification and will reveal a release date when they hear back from their digital partners:

"The team has finished play-testing and tuning, and we’re nearing final submission to our partners for certification on digital platforms," the developer said in a statement. "As soon as we hear back from our partners on when Episode Three will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network, PC, and Mac, we’re going to break that news to you right here."

We will be sure to cover the official release date when that becomes available, but until then, Telltale has dropped a statistics trailer for episode two that details the choices the entire community has made. Be warned, though, the trailer features MAJOR SPOILERS. It can be viewed by clicking on the source link below.

Source: [IGN]

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