The wait is almost over, meet Lucian’s League of Legends champion spotlight

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How long has it been now since Lucian has been announced? The answer is since early July. We’ve waited for over a month for this League of Legends ADC to fall into our laps. As of now he still isn’t live, but the fact that Riot has released his champion spotlight is a solid indicator that he’ll be out either later today or within the next few days.

This Thresh hating, revenge bent, gunslinger will spend most his early games bottom lane. With long range poke, speed boosts, and an aggressive ult – I can see this fellow going all in when the moment is right. He lacks a steroid and CC though, so play carefully. Who better to explain what Lucian is capable of than Phreak though? Watch the video below and cross your fingers that the purifier will be out soon. Happy hunting.

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