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The Victory Points Tournament has returned to Brave Frontier


It is time, once again, to compete against your fellow Brave Frontier players to see who can gather up the most Victory Point in the allotted time. Rewards will be dished out to the top 10,000 players in each tier group. Rewards will consist of Gems, Burst Frogs, Metal Gods, and Exclusive Spheres. This event will be starting on July 22nd and going until July 25 at 23:59 PST.

The tier groups are as follows:

  • Tier 1: level 15-24
  • Tier 2: level 25-34
  • Tier 3: level 35-44
  • Tier 4: level 45-54
  • Tier 5: level 55-64
  • Tier 6: level 65-74
  • Tier 7: level 75-74
  • Tier 8: level 85-94
  • Tier 9: level 95 & above

If that wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, how do exp bonus sounds for specific dungeons? Since you can’t participate in the Victory Point Tournament until level 15, use this as incentive to gain some levels faster! From now until July 20th at  23:59 PST. The exp bonus will be 1.5x and on these following dungeons and times:

July 18, 00:00 PST ~ 23:59 PST:

  • Mistral: Adventurer's Prairie,Cave of Flames, Egor Snowfield
  • Morgan: Kagan Desert, Breeze Beach, Nocturnal Forest
  • St. Lamia: Volcano Eldent, Sacred Mt. Craylia, Blood Forest

July 19, 00:00 PST ~ 23:59 PST:

  • Mistral: Forest of Beasts, Magutagal Wetlands, Remains of Mirza
  • Morgan: Asekutt Wastelands, Shrine of Lystia
  • St. Lamia: Mt. Wistorea, Secluded Sanctuary

July 20, 00:00 PST ~ 23:59 PST:

  • Mistral: Monster's Nest, Tower of Mistral
  • Morgan: Destroyed Cathedral, Tower of Morgan
  • St. Lamia: Cave of Malice, St. Lamia Palace

Best of luck!

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