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The Unholy Tower & Xenon have been spotted in Brave Frontier

What is the ginormous evil looking structure looming over Grand Gaia in Brave Frontier? I’ll give you a hint, it’s the new Unholy Tower event current occurring within the Vortex. This event has already started and will be going on until June 17th at 23:00 PST. This is where Xenon resides now.

Found as an orphan and later adopted by Learyl, Xenon became a pageboy for the royal family as well as became the Princess Estia’s playmate. With a strong grasp on swordsmanship, he joined the royal army at the age of 15. With a strong sense of loyalty, he looks to defend the kingdom with everything he has. What happens to this pure soul?

The Unholy Tower event is 100 floors you must fight your way through. Xenon appears along the way, can you capture him? Each stage of the tower is 10 floors at 15 stamina. Reach the top and try to talk / beat some sense into Xenon. His leadership ability is 15% attack boost to both light and dark troops – so yea, pretty damn good.

Best of luck and enjoy the clip above! 

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