The 'top' PS4 tweet came from a member of One Direction

PlayStation 4 (console) Screenshot - Louis Tomlinson

The PS4 apparently lights up at least 1/5 of One Direction's world like nobody -- or no other piece of technology -- else. 

As I've said many times in the past, social media is key to understanding your consumer audience. Sites like Twitter and Facebook can provide valuable data for companies looking to launch new products and Sony and Microsoft are no different with the PS4 and Xbox One. Just think of all that has been changed with the current-gen thanks to consumers' voices able to be heard through social media sites.

But while we've reported on the number of tweets, mentions, and positive/negative reaction to the Xbox One and PS4 at launch, one particular stat was revealed to us from Viralheat, a social media marketing company.

The official top tweet about the PlayStation 4 during its launch week came from a member of One Direction; Louis Tomlinson to be exact. Here's what it said:

How the company determined this is unknown (I've asked and am waiting for a response), but it might have something to do with it being retweeted 43,351 times while receiving 57,315 favorites. It helps that Tomlinson has over 14 million followers.

Just a fun fact for today. Now you know 1/5 of One Direction is a fan of the PS4, and knowing is half of the next-gen battle. 

And seriously Shuhei, the way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.

[Thanks Bridget!]

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