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The Swapper is Indie Fund's next investment


Recently, Indie Fund has been responsible for helping bring Dear Esther and Q.U.B.E. into this wonderful indie game-flled world. Dear Esther, developed by thechineseroom, went on to become a critical and commercial success. Likewise, Toxic Games' Q.U.B.E. also went on to release to much acclaim.

Now Indie Fund is looking to help bring another indie title to light. As reported by Gamasutra, the group will be helping out indie studio Facepalm Games by funding its upcoming game The Swapper.

In case you don't know what The Swapper is, it's a beautiful-looking puzzle platformer that seems to be a bit on the eerie, lonely side. Check out the most recent trailer from the two-man development team to see (and hear) the beauty of The Swapper.

Pretty, isn't it? The Swapper has been in development for two years now. With backing from Indie Fund, it looks like the game's creation process may now be sped up a bit. So far, it's has been announced for PC and Mac. Let's hope we get some more details soon.

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