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The style of God of War: Ascension is 'gross'


In an interview with Gamasutra, Chris Sutton, art director for God of War: Ascension, described the experience of working at the Sony Santa Monica studio while developing the game.

"A lot of times, I walk past a person's desk and they just have the most disgusting reference up on their screen," he said, recalling photos of cadavers.

"They'll watch videos of actual autopsies and dissections to really understand how the human anatomy works, and the layering of muscles," Sutton said of the designers. "They really get into their craft of creating characters."

Sutton even admitted that the office occasionally wonders whether they're going too far with the new, hyperrealistic animation system.

"Sometimes 'realistically' doesn't always translate to making a character feel fun and responsive, so we always try to walk that line," he said, explaining that the process of creating character animations has been a closely collaborative effort "between the animation team, the combat team, and the camera guys all working together."

Despite uncertainty, Sutton affirmed that the team is doing what's best for both the design and gameplay.

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