The story behind Hello Games, makers of No Man's Sky

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No Man's Sky is probably one of my most anticipated games for the PlayStation 4. Developed by little ol' Hello Games, a small studio with grand ambitions, No Man's Sky puts you in the middle of a galaxy -- everything procedurally generated, of course -- and, well, it's up to you to explore. 

At E3 2014, Hello Games took the stage during the PlayStation Press Conference and gave us a deeper look at the fascinating universe of No Man's Sky. New creatures and plants, all set in environments bursting with colors. Even Hello Games described the game as infinite and unknown, even to them.

Though still no release date, No Man's Sky has captured the attention of many gamers. But the journey to get where they are now certainly wasn't easy for Hello Games. And today's developer diary from Sony documents the adventure. From Joe Danger to the announcement of No Man's Sky to the flood of Hello Games' office, Hello Games' Sean Murray remembers it all.

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